Our Story

Do not mistake us for merely another grooming company. We stand out from the crowd!

We trust in our solution oriented science backed skin care products and happy customers. These two characteristics help us to win and carve out a niche in the market.

To ensure that our products are completely harmful chemical-free and safe for your skin, we do extensive testing on each one before launching. Your skin's individual issues are the focus of our research and development. We are not here to promise fair face in seven days, but we will do our best to treat any skin or hair concerns that are stopping you from obtaining your natural shine.ย By just staring in the mirror, you'll be able to enhance your natural attractiveness and raise your self-confidence using our goods.

Zoopx is an completely made in India brand with premium quality products delivered to 2700+ pin codes in India. Our premium product lines are up to international quality standards, and we want to extend our reach throughout the world in the near future.

Our motto is to solve all of your skin and hair problems with affordable premium products range. We've come up with an effective solution for Indians' skin and hair difficulties thanks to a team of experts in the field.

Transparency in the beauty industry is rare, but we have it. If we want to be entirely open, we include all of the components used in our goods in their entirety. We feel that our customers deserve to know every aspect of our products,ย This is why we list it all on our product sites.

4 Pillars of ZoopX

Not Tested On Animals
Non Toxic Sustainably Made
No Harsh Detergents
Paraben Free
Problem Solving Products
Remarkable Results